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Nagle, Erasmus
Nagle, George
National Guard , see also


Navy Hymn, "Eternal Father, Strong to Save"
N Bar
N Bar N. See also
Johnson County War
Nelson, Aven
Nelson, Lillian
Newell, Henry and Pearl
Newman, E. S.
Newman, Henry H. J.
New Rambler Mine, see Mines, this Index.
Nez Perce
Nickell, Kels
Nickell, Willie ,
Murder of
Niedringhaus Brothers. See also
Johnson County War
Niobrara County
Niobrara Land and Cattle Company. See also
Winter of 1886
Normandie Hotel, see Hotels
Northern Bar
Northern Pacific, see Railroads, this Index.
North, Frank
Northern Wyoming Farmers & Stock Growers Association
North Platte River
Northrup, B. F.
Northrup, Jessie
Nylen, Gus


Oelrichs, Harry
Ogalalla Land and Cattle Co., see Ranches, this index.
Ogalalla, Nebraska
Oil Exchange Building
Okie, John B.
Old Bedlam
Old Man Afraid of His Horses
Old Thermopolis
Olmhaus, Charles
Olnstead, Frederick Law
O'Malley, Ed
Omohundro, John B. "Texas Jack"
O'Neill, William Owen "Bucky"
O'Reilly, Edward, see Pecos Bill, this Index.
Oregon Short Line Railroad, See Railroads, this index
Osborne, John E., see RAWLINS, this Index. See also

Edward Ivinson
Appointment of A. C. Beckwith to U.S. Senate
Ostermann, Henry C.
Oregon Trail, Glen Rock
Owens, William. See also
Owl Creek Mountains
Ozone Crossing


Pacific Fruit Company
Packer, Alferd G.
Paha Sapa
Pahaska Lodge
Palmer, Inmes
Parker, J. P.
Parker, Robert Leroy, see Cassidy, Butch, this index
Parkman, Town of
Parkman, Francis
Parrott, Big Nose George
Pathfinder Dam
Pathfinder Ranch
Paulson, August
Paxson, E. S. See Little Big Horn
Patton, Hugh L. "Colorado"
Peck, James
Pecos Bill
Peerless Mine, see Mines, this index.
Pelican Creek
Penderly, Terrence
Penney, James Cash
Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Corporation
Penn-Wyoming Company
Peterson, Charles A.
Petroleum, see Oil, this Index. Phelps, L.C.
Philadelphia Exposition. See Little Big Horn
Phillips, John "Portugee"
Phillips, William T.
Pinkerton's, Booth Murder
Phoenix Hall, Evanston
Pickett, Will
Pierre's Hole
Pig War
Pike, George
Pine Bluffs
Pioneer Canal Company
Pioneer Sheep Company
Piper, William W.
Pitchfork Ranch
Plains Hotel, see hotels
Preble's meadow jumping mouse
Pringle, Catherine Sager
Pryor, Nathaniel
Phelan, J. R.
Phoenix Hall, Evanston
Platinum City
Platinum Queen Mine
Plumb, George
Point of Rocks Station
Pitcher, John
Pitch Fork, see Ranches, this index.
Platte River Bridge
Plumb, George
Plummer, George
Poison Spider Creek
Point of Rocks Station
Poland, J. L.
Pony Express, Cody service in
Porter Saddle and Harness Co.
Posses, history of
Post, Emily
Potts, Daniel T.
Powell Expedition
Powderly, Terence
"Powder River -- Let 'er Buck"
Powell, Fred L.
Powell, James K.
Powell, John Wesley. See also

Green River
Pratt and Ferris Cattle Company
Prayer Rock
Preston Brothers
Prexy's Pasture
Pullman Company Strike
Punteney, Walt
Purdy, Ikua


Quealy, Patrick J.
Queen Mine
Quinn, Anthony V.

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